#2 Ethereum with Igor Mandrigin
Greater FinanceJune 16, 202101:05:3059.83 MB

#2 Ethereum with Igor Mandrigin

Ethereum expert Igor Mandrigin joins Greater Finance to talk about Ethereum. Igor has a background working with Ethereum related projects and is currently helping the Ethereum Foundation by bringing his expertise to the table. Igor sees the potential Ethereum has and is keen to help make that potential a reality.

In this episode, me and Igor starts to talk about what Ethereum is and how it works before we move into the hot topic of DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, and how it introduces a new paradigm that might challenge finance as we know it. We also get into the scaling discussion and brings up sidechains and layer 2s, where Igor gives some technical clues in how it really works under the hoods. We wrap it all up by looking into the future, where Ethereum 2.0 is waiting to be implemented with Proof of Stake and Sharding.

There are a lot of valuable content in this episode where Igor’s strong technical background comes into play.

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